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Labor board orders L.A. Council to rescind pension cuts for workers -- A five-member panel that handles labor complaints at Los Angeles City Hall handed a stinging defeat to the city's political leaders on Monday, voting to strike down Los Angeles' bid to rein in retirement costs for civilian employees. David Zahniser in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

Jerry Brown urges ‘religious call ... to welcome the stranger’ in border crisis -- Gov. Jerry Brown suggested Monday that Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s ordering of National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to address the surge in border crossings is misguided, urging politicians instead to heed the “religious call … to welcome the stranger” in addressing the crisis. David Siders in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/28/14

Gov. Brown signs climate-change agreement with Mexico -- Gov. Jerry Brown pledged new cooperation with Mexico on tackling climate change, signing an agreement with Mexican officials on Monday at the foreign ministry here. Chris Megerian in the Los Angeles Times$ David Siders in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/28/14

San Bruno mayor calls for top official's removal from blast probe -- The California Public Utilities Commission's president should be removed as head of the regulatory agency in light of San Bruno explosion-related e-mails showing that state officials are "subject to undue influence" by Pacific Gas and Electric Co., the city's mayor said Monday. Jaxon Van Derbeken in the San Francisco Chronicle Marc Lifsher in the Los Angeles Times$ George Avalos in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 7/28/14

A Female Republican for President in 2016? -- Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO who unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Senate in California in 2010, is diving back into electoral politics. David Catanese USNews -- 7/28/14

Greenhut: Twin-tunnel allies want an open tax spigot -- Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to drill two tunnels underneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to provide more reliable water supplies downstream has long been controversial for the scant details the administration has provided about how it plans to fund the $25-billion project. Steven Greenhut UT San Diego$ -- 7/28/14

Drone almost blocks California firefighting planes -- A private drone trying to record footage of a Northern California wildfire nearly hindered efforts to attack the flames from the air, but firefighters made enough progress to allow some of the 1,200 people under evacuation orders to return home Monday. Associated Press -- 7/28/14

Jacob Lew warns failure to quickly limit inversions imperils tax reform -- Failure by Congress to move quickly to limit companies from shifting their headquarters offshore endangers comprehensive business tax reform, Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew warned in ramping up pressure on lawmakers. Jim Puzzanghera in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

Arnold Forde: Half a Century of Big Time Politics -- Arnold (Arnie) Forde, identified in depositions as the secret boss behind Irvine’s Great Park, has been a publicity-shy mainstay of both Republican and Democratic California political campaigns for nearly half a century. Tracy Wood VoiceofOC.org -- 7/28/14

The high toll of needed testing on Bay Bridge rods and bolts -- Nothing comes cheap at the new Bay Bridge eastern span - including tests on those suspect rods and bolts, which have clocked in at $20 million - and counting. Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 7/28/14

Jerry Brown kicks off trade mission in Mexico -- Gov. Jerry Brown, who begins his first full day of meetings here on Monday, wasted no time setting lofty goals for his trade mission to Mexico during a reception on Sunday night. Chris Megerian in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

California Bill Would Streamline Solar Construction Permitting -- Democratic Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi says his bill would require cities to draw up checklists for expedited review of permit applications and to conduct inspections within five days of receiving an application. He says installers often wait weeks to get approval for a job. Max Pringle Capital Public Radio -- 7/28/14

UC Davis is Trailblazer in Three-Year Medical School Model -- A handful of UC Davis students are trailblazers in a new medical school model that has won the approval of Californian Governor Jerry Brown. Brown signed legislation that will allow doctors to practice with three years of medical school instead of four. Pauline Bartolone Capital Public Radio -- 7/28/14

Old Sac's Gold Rush Days washed out by drought -- But to pull off the event requires 3,000 gallons of water per day to water the streets to keep down dust, and takes another 100,000 gallons of water to clean the streets after the four-day festival, which includes street theater, live music, food booths and staged gunfights. Mark Anderson Sacramento Business Journal -- 7/28/14

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Jerry Brown to meet in Mexico with religious leaders on immigration crisis -- Gov. Jerry Brown, who so far has said little about the immigration crisis on the border, will meet privately with religious figures in Mexico City this week to discuss the matter, his office announced Sunday. David Siders in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/28/14

Gov. Brown's Mexico trip provides business, lobbying opportunities -- Gov. Jerry Brown's visit to this sprawling metropolis has all the hallmarks of an official state visit. He'll sign agreements with foreign officials, encourage businesses to invest in California and perhaps tour some of the city's cultural landmarks. Chris Megerian, Melanie Mason in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

Neel Kashkari is running the best campaign that money can't buy -- As the summer wears on and the polls still show him far behind Gov. Jerry Brown, Neel Kashkari is running the most energetic and high-profile campaign for governor that money can't buy. Josh Richman in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 7/28/14

San Francisco voters to weigh possible $104 million in new spending -- There are three measures on San Francisco's November ballot designed to benefit workers, children and commuters. And they'd also cost more money than any propositions in city history. Marisa Lagos in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 7/28/14

Lawsuits over Valley fever pile up against California’s prison system -- When Jeremy Romo was packed off to prison in 2012 for illegal possession of a firearm, he says he was as healthy as anyone, a construction worker who ran three miles each weekday and five miles on weekends. Sam Stanton and Denny Walsh in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/28/14

System can prevent train accidents, rail industry slow to adopt -- Faced with a huge increase in hazardous oil-carrying trains, California is urging quicker implementation of technology that would prevent train accidents caused by human error. Bill Lambrecht in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 7/28/14

Walters: Legality of advisory ballot measures needs judicial clarity -- Nothing in California’s Constitution or statute law authorizes the Legislature or the initiative process to place nonbinding advisory measures on the ballot, soliciting voter sentiment on some issue. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/28/14

Skelton: Scrap California's dysfunctional death penalty policy -- There's no argument: California's death penalty is shamefully inoperative. It's shameful that state politicians won't fix it. Won't even try. George Skelton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

Planned Parenthood gripes about San Francisco protesters -- Planned Parenthood executives say San Francisco police and the city attorney aren't doing enough to protect patients and staff from "harassment and intimidation" at the organization's health center on Valencia Street. Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 7/28/14

Mayor sets out to transform L.A. streets through 'urban acupuncture' -- San Pedro's Gaffey Street is no one's idea of a quaint village. Cars pour off the 110 Freeway, frequently at high speeds. David Zahniser, Matt Stevens, Laura Nelson in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

California lawmakers look to update family law -- California lawmakers will consider updating family law and parental rights to keep up with the evolving nature of families when they return from summer break. Fenit Nirappil Associated Press -- 7/28/14

Sacramento County to revive team to examine financial elder abuse -- Sacramento County will reopen a financial fraud unit in January after reports of scams against the elderly have gone up dramatically since Adult Protective Services eliminated the unit several years ago. Brad Branan in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/28/14

State offers Tower Bridge to Sacramento, West Sacramento -- The Tower Bridge once was the grand entrance to Sacramento, escorting travelers on State Route 275 to the state Capitol steps. Today, for its owner, the state Department of Transportation, it’s become a bridge to nowhere. Tony Bizjak in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/28/14

FCC should help reach deal to end Dodgers TV standoff, lawmakers say -- A group of Southern California lawmakers wants the Federal Communications Commission to broker a deal to end the bitter standoff between Time Warner Cable and other pay-TV providers over distribution of SportsNet LA, the new channel that is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Joe Flint in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

Calbuzz: Income Taxes Don’t Kill Jobs & Tyrion’s No AUH2O -- You’ll recall that in the fall of 2012, as Jerry Brown campaigned for Prop. 30, his tax-hike plan to balance California’s budget and boost school funding, right-wingers argued vociferously that the measure would be a disaster. Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine CalBuzz -- 7/28/14

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Stockton emerges as state's leading contender for Tesla battery factory -- They point to plenty of industrial-zoned property, a port that handles ocean-going vessels, major freeway access and nearby rail and airport facilities. Marc Lifsher in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

Detroit-style pension cuts: could it happen here? -- Bankrupt Detroit announced last week that current workers and retirees voted overwhelmingly to cut many pensions by 4.5 percent and to trim or eliminate cost-of-living adjustments. Ed Mendel Calpensions.com -- 7/28/14


New database details pay of California public school employees -- Last year, James Hammond, the superintendent of the Montclair-Ontario Unified School District in the Inland Empire, was paid $492,077. Jonathan Eagan, the principal of a junior high school in the Bay Area city of Martinez made $279,669. And 31 custodians at California public schools were paid more than $100,000 in 2013. Stephen Ceasar in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

California schools face lawsuit over physical education classes -- Thousands of elementary school teachers have been asked this summer to hold on to their lesson plans as 37 school districts throughout the state seek to show that they are providing students with required exercise. Sara Hayden in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

UCLA summer program supports foster youth -- Instability — multiple homes and multiple schools — is one of the biggest obstacles to academic success for foster children. Susan Frey EdSource -- 7/28/14

Ravani: Why public education needs teachers unions -- There have been many assertions made over time about the negative effects of teachers unions on student performance. Gary Ravani EdSource -- 7/28/14


Voluntary water conservation not effective, data show -- Voluntary conservation measures are not reliably saving water during the worst drought to hit California in a generation, according to data from water agencies across the state. Matt Weiser and Phillip Reese in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/28/14

Drought fight brings incentives, enforcement -- “Beer without water is very crunchy.” That slogan appears on the back of the latest craft-beer map from the San Diego Brewers Guild and is the latest attempt to reach residents who might not be thinking about the drought gripping California. Paul Sisson UT San Diego$ -- 7/28/14

California agencies can’t say if they are meeting water conservation goals -- Still, six months after Brown declared a water emergency, few state agencies know whether their conservation efforts are meeting the mark. They are not required to compare water consumption this year to last, and few have, The Associated Press found. Justin Pritchard Associated Press -- 7/28/14

California Marinas Docked by Drought -- Marinas and boat ramps across the state are turning away customers, and even spots where water is still relatively plentiful say visitors are staying away, assuming things are worse than they are. Jim Carlton in the Wall Street Journal$ -- 7/28/14

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U.S. sees profound cultural shift on marijuana legalization -- More than a third of adults have smoked it — including the last three presidents. Dozens of songs and movies have been made about it. Matt Pearce, Maria L. La Ganga in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/28/14

Who gives the most to charity? You might be surprised -- People in the poorer areas often gave more on a percentage basis than their much wealthier neighbors. Teri Sforza in the Orange County Register$ -- 7/28/14


House, Senate negotiators reach deal on veterans bill -- House and Senate negotiators have reached a tentative agreement to deal with the long-term needs of the struggling Department of Veterans Affairs and plan to unveil their proposal Monday. Ed O'Keefe in the Washington Post$ -- 7/28/14