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Pot advocate fears arrest but says 'Oaksterdam will fight on' -- A day after federal agents rousted him from his apartment and raided his Oakland cannabis university, renowned pot legalization advocate Richard Lee said he hopes to reopen the campus but fears he could face arrest at any time. Nathaniel Miller in the Sacramento Bee -- 4/3/12

Proposition 8 campaign architect leaves Sacramento firm -- Sacramento political consultant Frank Schubert, who guided Proposition 8's ban on same-sex marriage to victory in 2008, announced today that he is leaving the firm he founded. Dan Smith SacBee Capitol Alert -- 4/3/12

California: Brad Sherman Leads Howard Berman in Internal Poll -- An internal poll for California Rep. Brad Sherman found him ahead of fellow Democratic Rep. Howard Berman by 27 points in a potential general election matchup that is expected to be a close race as November nears. Kyle Trygstad Roll Call -- 4/3/12

Santa Monica College students complain about higher-priced classes -- A group of Santa Monica College students is demanding that they be given a voice before the school begins a controversial program offering some higher-priced courses this summer. Carla Rivera in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/3/12

Occupy Oakland accuses DA of abusing power -- Occupy Oakland activists accused the county's District Attorney Tuesday of abusing her power through "trumped-up prosecutions" in an effort to squash their movement. Paul T. Rosynsky in the Contra Costa Times -- 4/3/12

Lawmakers challenge Army Corps on California levees -- Leave it to something like levee vegetation to unite California lawmakers. Michael Doyle SacBee Capitol Alert -- 4/3/12

Lawsuit seeks to block California's new dredge mining regulations -- A coalition of groups opposed to suction dredge mining in California's waterways filed a new lawsuit Monday to block implementation of recently adopted regulations on the practice. Carlos Alcalá in the Sacramento Bee -- 4/3/12

Allegiant becomes second airline to charge for carry-on bags -- Allegiant, a low-cost airlines that flies out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and several Florida cities, is about to introduce a fee of up to $35 per bag that would take effect Wednesday morning. Hugo Martin in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/3/12

Sarah Palin pokes fun at herself on ‘Today’ -- The first glimpse viewers of the “Today” show got of Palin was her head buried behind an open newspaper. “Oh, man, she’s doing her homework!” co-host Matt Lauer said. MJ LEE and TIM MAK Politico -- 4/3/12

Rick Santorum thinks California universities don’t teach American history -- Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum doesn’t speak kindly of higher education. Ellen Huet Chronicle Politics -- 4/3/12

Oakland college gunman felt bullied, police say -- The suspect in a shooting rampage at a Oikos University told authorities he was targeting administrators and students at the Oakland college for teasing him and treating him disrespectfully. Stephen Ceasar, Maria La Ganga, Joel Rubin and Matt Stevens in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/3/12

Pringle: Still Master of His Universe -- On an evening last June, Orange County Transportation Authority CEO Will Kempton hosted a small party at his home in Dove Canyon, a wealthy enclave in Rancho Santa Margarita. ADAM ELMAHREK VoiceofOC.org -- 4/3/12

Feinstein calls on state to curb 'abusive lawsuits' over ADA -- Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has written to the leader of the California Senate, calling for the state to adopt legislation that would curb what she calls abusive lawsuits filed by private attorneys against small businesses for minor violations of disabled-access laws, and warning that if the state doesn’t act, she will. Patrick McGreevy LA Times PolitiCal$ -- 4/3/12

Longtime Coastal Commission director Peter Douglas dies -- Longtime California Coastal Commission Executive Director Peter Douglas has died. Douglas, 69, had battled lung and throat cancer in recent years. Torey Van Oot SacBee Capitol Alert John Howard Capitol Weekly -- 4/3/12

SEIU Local 1000, business interests prep for ballot initiative battle -- Cash is beginning to flow into campaign war chests as labor and business interests prepare for an all-out brawl over a ballot measure that will ask Californians whether employee payroll deductions should fund political action committees. Jon Ortiz SacBee Capitol Alert -- 4/3/12

Fox: What is a “Fair Share” of Taxes? -- Governor Jerry Brown earnestly wishes leaders of the business community to join a broad based coalition to support his proposed tax increase initiative. Joel Fox Fox & Hounds -- 4/3/12

Korean Americans Look Inward After Oakland Shooting -- The shooting that killed seven at a private Christian university in Oakland would never have happened in Korea, where owning a firearm is outlawed. Aruna Lee New America Media -- 4/3/12

Gov. Brown looks to global warming fees to pay for high-speed rail -- With a lower price tag and speedier plan to start zipping bullet trains up and down California, Gov. Jerry Brown's ambitious new high-speed rail proposal is still wobbly on one vital ingredient: billions and billions of dollars. Mike Rosenberg and Paul Rogers in the San Jose Mercury -- 4/3/12


   California Policy and Politics This Morning

Feds raid Oaksterdam University, founder's home -- Dozens of federal agents on Monday raided the Oakland businesses and apartment of Richard Lee, the state's most prominent advocate for the legalization and regulation of marijuana, carting away loads of pot and belongings but not revealing the purpose of their investigation. Matthai Kuruvila in the San Francisco Chronicle Lee Romney, Joe Mozingo and John Hoeffel in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/3/12

Feds target one of California's most famout marijuana advocates -- Multiple federal agencies unleashed raids Monday on the home and businesses of one of California's most famous marijuana advocates, Richard Lee, founder of the renowned cannabis industry trade school known as Oaksterdam University. Peter Hecht in the Sacramento Bee -- 4/3/12

Villaraigosa defends L.A. anti-gang program -- At a Washington conference, he disputes a study that said there was no evidence the effort had cut crime. 'Not since I was born has L.A. been this safe,' he says. Ian Duncan in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/3/12

LAPD chief's controversial impound policy to start in 3 weeks -- Despite some opposition and questions about legality, a policy initiated by Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck that allows some unlicensed drivers to avoid a 30-day impound of their cars is expected to roll out in three weeks. Susan Abram in the Los Angeles Daily News -- 4/3/12

Gas pricey? You must be in blue state -- Obama's electoral map to victory bears a remarkable resemblance to a map of the country's highest gas prices. Yousur Alhlou in the Los Angeles Daily News -- 4/3/12

Oakland: 7 dead, suspect caught in school shooting -- A small Christian college in Oakland became the site of one of the deadliest campus attacks in California history Monday when a disgruntled former student opened fire on his classmates, police say, killing seven people and injuring three. Henry K. Lee, Stephanie Lee, Demian Bulwa, Justin Berton in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 4/3/12

Oakland shooting suspect had string of debts -- The former nursing student who authorities say gunned down seven people at an Oakland Christian college left behind a string of debts and minor traffic citations in his former home state of Virginia, where he was evicted from one apartment complex. Jaxon Van Derbeken, Carolyn Jones in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 4/3/12

Students ran, hid as gunman opened fire -- One wounded woman cowered in the bushes after the gunman opened fire on the campus of a small Christian university. One student hid in a locked classroom as the shooter banged on the door. Another heard the shots and ran to safety. TERRY COLLINS and PAUL ELIAS Associated Press -- 4/3/12

   High-Speed Rail

High speed rail's new math: $30 billion less for a train to L.A. -- And retreating from a series of political missteps, the authority also vowed to connect its initial segment between Bakersfield and Fresno – the so-called "Train to Nowhere" – to the San Fernando Valley within the decade. RONALD CAMPBELL in the Orange County Register LANCE WILLIAMS California Watch Rick Orlov in the Los Angeles Daily News VAUHINI VARA in the Wall Street Journal$ -- 4/3/12

   Economy - Jobs

Billionaire willing to buy NFL team to make L.A. stadium work -- Billionaire developer Philip Anschutz is committed to the idea of an NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles and is willing to buy a team himself in order to make the deal work, his top executive said Monday. Kate Linthicum and Sam Farmer in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/3/12

Oakland-based Solar Millennium files for bankruptcy in collapse of Bay Area firm -- Oakland-based Solar Millennium, Solar Trust of America and a group of affiliates filed for bankruptcy on Monday to reorganize their finances, in another meltdown of a Bay Area solar company. Solar Millennium is building one of the largest solar projects in the world, a 7,000-acre complex near the Riverside County community of Blythe. George Avalos in the Contra Costa Times -- 4/3/12

Timetable slips for Chargers stadium plan -- First, it was the Chargers’ playoff hopes that slipped. Now, it’s the completion date for a financing plan for a new Chargers stadium. Matthew T. Hall UT San Diego -- 4/3/12


State schools chief calls for Cal State salary freeze -- Citing the state’s ongoing fiscal crisis, Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson on Monday called on California State University to freeze compensation for top executives as it seeks to replace presidents at several campuses. Carla Rivera in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/3/12

Snapshot: CSU has lost $1 billion in state funding in 4 years; tuition doubled -- The California State University system has been hit with about $1 billion in state funding cuts since 2007-8. Tami Abdollah KPCC LA -- 4/3/12

Fensterwald: STEMing the minority gap -- The gap starts early in elementary school, widens in middle school, and continues, through filters and barriers, on a trajectory of low achievement and missed opportunities. John Fensterwald educatedguess -- 4/3/12

Court upholds California affirmative action ban -- Affirmative action proponents took a hit Monday as a federal appeals court panel upheld California's ban on using race, ethnicity and gender in admitting students to public colleges and universities. CHRISTINA HOAG Associated Press Bob Egelko in the San Francisco Chronicle Howard Mintz in the Oakland Tribune Carol J. Williams in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/3/12

New statistics course aims to accelerate college students’ path to success -- Some California colleges are helping struggling math students complete all the math they need in a single yearlong course, instead of requiring them to take the usual sequence of courses that can take years to complete and that many never finish. Sue Frey EdSource -- 4/3/12

Honig returns to help oversee state curriculum panel -- Bill Honig, former state schools chief, along with Democratic lawmakers Alan Lowenthal and Wilmer Carter, are set to lead a newly-appointed advisory commission that will help define and design the next step in updating curriculum in California classrooms. Tom Chorneau SI&A Cabinet Report -- 4/3/12

California in 1940 led nation in educational attainment -- The National Archives released for the first time yesterday individual records from the 1940 Census – unleashing an online treasure trove of 3.8 million pages eagerly awaited by genealogists and researchers. Joanna Lin California Watch -- 4/3/12

   Health Care

Budget cuts hit TB clinics at the border -- Even though many Californians think of tuberculosis as a foreign problem, experts say the cough and sneeze-surfing bacteria remains a risk in the state. Julissa McKinnon HealthyCal.org -- 4/3/12


Harmful pesticide TCP not mentioned in Fresno Co. water reports -- For years, Fresno County has been No. 1 on a California list that you won't find at the chamber of commerce -- pesticide detections in water wells. On the latest list, the county had more than one-third of the state's 286 detections. Mark Grossi in the Fresno Bee -- 4/3/12

California's water supplies below average despite March storms -- A wet March boosted California's water supply, but it wasn't enough to make up for a dry December and January. Matt Weiser in the Sacramento Bee -- 4/3/12

Creative Solutions Keep Some State Parks Open -- Facing 70 park closures, a few small victories for advocates. JOAN HAMILTON Bay Citizen -- 4/3/12

long-lost long-fingered frog -- Feared extinct, a team of researchers from the California Academy of Sciences announced last week that they have discovered a single long-fingered frog living in the southwestern forests of Burundi, in East Africa. Susanne Rust California Watch -- 4/3/12


'Occupy' California Capitol rally cost state $166,000 in CHP overtime -- The California Highway Patrol shelled out an additional $166,000 in overtime costs to monitor last month's rally and "Occupy" demonstration at the state Capitol to protest cuts to higher education, the department said today. Torey Van Oot SacBee Capitol Alert -- 4/3/12

San Francisco Occupy activists evicted from building -- Police on Monday evicted and arrested nearly 80 Occupy activists who had taken over an empty San Francisco building the night before and had stockpiled bricks and supplies with the apparent intention of staying long-term. Ellen Huet, Erin Allday in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 4/3/12


Congressmen want war equipment sent to Southwest border -- Two members of Congress and several sheriffs in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico are calling on the U.S. Department of Defense to send military equipment returning from Afghanistan and Iraq to local law enforcement agencies on the Southwest border. G.W. Schulz California Watch -- 4/3/12


Say adios to Pio Pico park -- The last governor of Mexican California was the quintessential Californian, but his story will get further buried with the impending closure of the southeast L.A. County homestead where he once lived. Gale Holland in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/3/12

   POTUS 44

Obama, the left take on Supreme Court -- President Barack Obama has joined a growing number of Democratic lawmakers, left-leaning commentators and progressive activists who are warning the Supreme Court on the health care law: Don’t you dare overturn it. CARRIE BUDOFF BROWN and JENNIFER EPSTEIN Politico -- 4/3/12


Saunders: Dems: Do as we say, not as we vote -- "Who killed the debt deal?" read the New York Times Magazine as it hyped its Sunday cover story as a "Washington whodunit." Debra J. Saunders in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 4/3/12

Romney image-makers split on strategy -- Members of Mitt Romney’s inner circle acknowledge they still have yet to solve the key challenge they face in trying to help him win the presidency — finding a way to make an emotionally remote and fabulously wealthy candidate connect with average voters. MIKE ALLEN and EVAN THOMAS Politico -- 4/3/12