Rough & Tumble is a snapshot of California public policy and politics based on the reporting from publications covering one of the world's most diverse, trendsetting places.

Rough & Tumble readers include leading public policy and political pros who generate nearly 3 million page views a year.

The site is produced by Emmy award winning reporter Jack Kavanagh with thirty years of experience reporting on public policy and politics on both coasts.

Here’s what Capitol Weekly had to say about Rough & Tumble on their list of the Top 100 unelected political and public policy figures in California:

#34 Jack Kavanagh, founder, Rough and Tumble: 
"In this world of blogs, feed readers and Twitter, it’s hard to keep up. In fact, many of us don’t. And in this increasingly fractured media world, the power of the aggregators becomes that much more pronounced. For more than 15 years, nobody has done it better when it comes to state news than Jack Kavanagh. Rough and Tumble is still the first stop for most political insiders who want a quick rundown of what’s happening in California. And for many reporters, if you’re not on Rough and Tumble, it’s almost as if you don’t exist."

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Rough & Tumble
2308 Swarthmore Drive
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Bio info:

Jack Kavanagh has been a political reporter for nearly thirty years and received 2 Emmy awards plus a PBS "Telly" award. In California, Kavanagh was the political reporter for KOVR-TV for 17 years. He covered the the start of the first Gulf War from Washington and has covered national political conventions since 1976.

In 1997 he began hosting and consulting for KVIE's California Capitol Week which originated in Sacramento and was seen on 10 PBS stations across California. He is a native of Providence, Rhode Island where he began his reporting career at NBC affiliate WJAR-TV. Jack and his wife Irene live in Sacramento.